36 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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per whattoexpect.com

Forget your aching back (and everything else!) by trying to focus on your baby, who is now about six pounds and 20 inches long. Growth will experience a slowdown now, both so your baby will be able to fit the narrow passageway to the outside and also so he or she can store up all the energy needed for delivery.

Fetal Skull and Bones
At 36 weeks pregnant, the skull bones are also not fused together yet so that the head can easily (well, relatively easily) maneuver through the birth canal. And your baby’s skull isn’t the only soft structure in his or her little body. Most of your baby’s bones and cartilage are quite soft as well (they’ll harden over the first few years of life) — allowing for an easier journey as your baby squeezes through the birth canal at delivery.

Baby’s Digestion Still Needs to Catch Up
By now, many of your baby’s systems are pretty mature, at least in baby terms — and just about ready for life on the outside. Blood circulation, for instance, has been perfected and your baby’s immune system has matured enough to protect him or her from infections outside the womb. Other systems, however, still need a few finishing touches. Once such notable example: digestion — which actually won’t be fully mature until sometime after birth. Why’s that? Inside his or her little gestational cocoon, your baby has relied on the umbilical cord for nutrition, meaning that the digestive system — though developed — hasn’t been operational. So your baby will take the first year or two to bring that system up to speed.

Bump 36w2d


Holy geez…look at this thing.


Some rare bare belly shots…belly button is hanging on by a thread.



NST – 36w0d

These appointments really are uneventful.  Which is great!  The exciting news is my blood pressure was 120/72.  Apparently my body likes working from home.  The babies looked great.  Strong heartbeats and moving around like little ninjas.

Doctor’s appointment 36w2d

Total Weight Gain – +38 lbs (yep, lost a few lbs).  1st BP 128\90  2nd BP  134\94  Trace positive for protein

Babies sound great on the Doppler.  And I had my first cervical check.  Nothing going on in there.  Nada.  These Beans are staying put forever.

What happens when you brag about your awesome blood pressure from your NST appointment?  You earn another trip to Labor & Delivery!

Funny…this was the best I felt all week.  But the doctor didn’t like way my BP looked, combined with the trace positive reading on my urine protein.  And the puffy, Mama June face I was apparently sporting, sealed the deal for me.

Same thing as last time.  They hooked me up to monitors, took some blood and got a BP reading every 15 minutes.  Of course my BP calmed down (even dipping to 96/68 right after my blood draw) but the blood work & urine culture came back weakly positive for protein.  It’s not at any alarming levels but was high enough to win me this coveted prize:


That ain’t OJ, boys and girls.  That would be a jug to collect my urine for 24 hours.  They want to get a better reading on the protein and this is the best way to do it.  YAY!

How I’m feeling

I’m at a whole new level of miserable.  This week I hit a brick wall.  Remember that girl who looooooved being pregnant?  Well she’s been squished by 93 lbs of babies that are super comfy in her uterus and have no intention on coming out.  Ever.  I try to keep reminding myself that I’ve had an amazingly, wonderfully easy pregnancy.  But those glory days are a distant memory at this point.

I’m achy, sore, beaten, bruised and exhausted.  Whaaaaaa!  Let’s complain with some bullet points for clarity.

*  I complained about my knees before. Oh to go back to that level of pain would be a dream.  I know how Nancy Kerrigan felt.

*  If I stand for more than 2 minutes, my feet and ankles look like a busted can of biscuits. Swelling is out of control.  Pregnancy is sexy, eh?


*  My back is all jacked up.  Mostly between my shoulder blades but a bit of mid/lower back pain shows up now and then.

* Cramps continue pretty much all day.  It’s like a combo of menstrual cramps and gas pains. All along my lower belly, pelvis and down my legs.

* Braxton Hicks all day.  Pretty much any time I stand and move around a lot.  I took Jacob on a 15 minute walk and the whole thing was one big contraction.

*  My bones ache.  In particular my femurs.  And my hips.  And my phalanges (that would be the bones of the hands and feet)

*  These Beans have dropped a ton.  They are super low and I’m having a ton of pelvic pressure.  When I sit down to pee, it feels like they’re gonna fall out.  Yes, I know that can’t really happen (well, actually, it can…but it won’t with me.)

*  Carpal tunnel sucks.  My right hand is really bad with 3 fingers that never have any feeling.  I can’t really make a fist, between the pain and the swelling.  And my left thumb has zero strength…I can’t even pull off my socks!

But the babies are doing great…and that’s the most important hing. Making it past 36 weeks with twins is pretty kick ass.  I kinda feel like a rockstar.  An old, crusty, beat up Mick Jagger.  That’s me.


I’m GROUCHY of epic proportions.  I apologized to Jerry for being such a pill and he said I’ve been “just fine”…which I appreciate because I feel really bad that I’m a crankypants.  He’s a peach.  I’m just pretty moody overall…kind of like a Dr. Jekyll and Jenny Hyde.


Sleep is so stupid right now. I’ve taken Unisom a couple of times and it helps me make it through the night.  But it’s crappy sleep where I wake up every hour and don’t feel like I ever really hit a deep slumber.  And I’m exhausted all day long.

Random Thoughts/Observations/Stuff

*  I have all of my remaining doctors appointments scheduled.  I have ONE NST, ONE ob checkup and ONE more ultrasound. Hopefully.  Please cooperate, Beans.  I’d really like to bust you out before May.

*  Look what Jerry bought me for my birthday / push present!


a) how did even know what a “push present” was? b) I kinda thought the “push present” would be our babies.  Doesn’t matter…I love it!  And I can’t wait to start practicing with two teeny little models.

*  Trying to keep my eye on the prize.


35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

004  003

Holy crap!  ~from WebMDs pregnancy app.


per whattoexpect.com

Fetal Weight Gain 
Your baby is standing tall (so to speak) this week at about 20 inches (baby’s pretty much reached the in utero limit). But at about five and a half pounds, she is continuing her steady weight gain: She’ll pack on anywhere from one pound to several, including large amounts of baby fat, up ’til delivery day. In fact, back in the middle of your pregnancy your baby’s weight was only two percent fat; now at 35 weeks pregnant, that percentage has soared to closer to 15 percent…and will increase to 30 percent at term. Which means your baby’s once skinny arms and legs are now quite plump…and irresistibly, squeezably soft.

Baby’s Skull Remains Soft
Something else that’s developing at a mind-boggling pace these day: your baby’s brain power. Luckily, the part that surrounds that amazing brain — the skull — remains soft. And for good reason: A soft skull will allow your baby to squeeze more easily through the birth canal.

Bump 35w1d

I think some little stripes have shown up on my lower belly.  I say “think” because I can’t really see what’s happening south of my belly button. Whatever…it is what it is at this point.


L&D 34w6d

You didn’t think I’d escape this pregnancy without a little drama, did you?  Fortunately, on the grand drama scale, this trip was pretty low.

I had been checking my blood pressure daily (per my MFM doctor) as it had been steadily creeping up.  I felt a little off on Tuesday morning (dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded) so I checked it earlier than normal and it was 140/86 and 142/84 within 15 minutes.  Cue panic because I was told anything over 140 systolic and 82 diastolic was reason to call and get checked out.

The doctor’s office didn’t seem too worried when I called but scheduled me to come in to be checked out.  My urine test was negative for protein but my BP was 160/90.  They had me lay on my left side and it came back down to 118/74.  15 minutes later it was 142/78.  The doctor felt that these numbers, along with my swelling and general yuckiness (technical term) warranted some monitoring and blood work at Labor & Delivery.

So off we went.  Jerry was way more worked up than I was.  He was sure that we were going to be having babies TODAY!  And he didn’t have his bag packed.

Note puffy face


They hooked me up to fetal monitors and ran some blood work.  My BP was also checked every 15 minutes.

4 hours later, the babies look “fabulous” with their perfect little heartbeats and constant dance party.  My blood pressure was kind of all over the place but never really hit any alarming levels.  The blood work came back negative for preeclampsia so they sent us on our merry way!  Crisis averted.

Doctor’s Appt 35w1d

Weight gain – +40. BP 130/80.  Protein negative.  Measuring 44 weeks.

Apparently I look 100% better than I did on Tuesday (the doctor mentioned it 3 times).  And I feel better too.  I had the Group B Strep test today and will get the results next week.  Babies heartbeats still sound great.  And I got the OK to take 12.5 mg of Unisom to help me sleep as needed (YAY!!).

Much to Jerry’s chagrin, they have no idea when these Beans might make their appearance.  He finds it unbelievable that in this age of modern medicine, they can’t take a look at me and give me a date.  The only thing they can tell me is everything looks good and these two munchkins will decide when they’re ready.  I’m OK with that.

How I’m feeling

Buckle up…this is gonna be a long one.

Sleep has been horrendous.  I fall asleep right away, but it doesn’t last long.  I wake up to pee about an hour after I crash and then it’s a struggle to try and get comfy again.  Heaving this huge belly from side to side is absolutely.  Between heartburn, aching hips, and my massive girth…I. am. miserable.  One night I sat up after 15 minutes of trying to find a comfortable position and just lost it.  After a 10 minute cry, I hoisted myself outta bed and just laid on the couch for 3 hours.

I eventually make it back to sleep for a few hours but I’ve been waking up with cramping every morning.  I get all “I think I’m in labor!” and then it kind of goes away.  Everyone says “Oh, you’ll know!” when contractions actually start, but I have a feeling I’m going to be one of those woman who just thinks they are gas pains.  And winds up giving birth in the car.

By mid morning, I definitely feel better.  Not good, by any means, just a little more human.  The cramps go away and I forget that I only slept for 3 hours.

The swelling is still an issue.  Fred Flintstone’s got nothing on me! If I’m on my feet for more than 10-15 minutes, my ankles blow up to grotesque proportions.  Want to take a nice long, hot, shower?  Too bad, cankle queen….make it snappy.  This is the sexy side of pregnancy.


I have officially tapped out of all errands.  Jerry is more than willing to hit the grocery store for us but I’m a control freak and insist on going with him.  I just can’t do it anymore and will have to trust that he can pick out a nice, unblemished red pepper without supervision.

Heartburn is back.  My hips & knees throb all the time.  My hands and fingers are constantly falling asleep.  I’m snoring like a drunken sailor.  Baby girl continues to head bang my bladder so I pee every 15 minutes.  I’m having a lot of pelvic pressure and some internal pinching pain.  I could go on….

To sum it up, I’m Shamoo-sized pregnant and will basically feel like crap for the next few weeks.  YAY!!

Thanks for letting me complain!


These kids are grounded for their first 2 weeks of life!!  I keep telling them to stop punching my organs but they don’t listen.  I’m honestly very happy that they move so much but do they have to be so violent?   Sheesh.


What’s sleep?  Oh, I know who I can ask…Jerry!  Because he has zero problems sleeping.  Not what you want to see at 2 am when you’re bawling your eyes out because you’re so tired and uncomfortable.  I know if he could give me his sleep, he would.  I’m just jealous.

And here’s a pregnancy PSA…please stop telling me to “Sleep now while you can!”.  For the record, you can’t bank sleep.  There is no sleep savings account that you can add to now and make withdrawals once the babies are born.  So even if I sleep for 12 hours every night until they arrive, I’m still gonna be dead tired after their first night home.  Mmmmmkay?

Random thoughts/observations/stuff

* Friday is my last day in the office.  I’m so thrilled I have the option of working from home.  Because let me tell you, it makes a world of difference in how I feel.

* And this…


Nursery Tour

I know they’re kind of boring for some people, but I’ve always loved the nurseries at Restoration Hardware kids.

The color palate is very calming and I think I’ll need as much calm in my life as possible once these Beans arrive!  And when I saw these baby animal prints on their site, I fell in love.  Hard.

But for $200 a print, they were totally out of my price range.  Thank goodness I’m an internet sleuth and was able to track down the artist who created these amazing images.  Once I saw this guy from the Animal Print Shop, there was no turning back.  Look at his little smile…

Baby Elephant

So I ordered 6 of my favorites and designed the entire nursery around them.  We have the thrift shop version of the Restoration Hardware nursery, and I love how it turned out!

We had a pretty small room to work with.  But we made the most of the space.

View from the doorway.  Curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The cribs are from IKEA, as are the picture frames.


Jerry did a fabulous job transforming our $35 craigslist changing table and the little IKEA Rast dresser with some white paint and new hardware.  Our glider is from Babies r Us and was a gift from my Mom.

I love the little book shelves (picture ledges from IKEA).

A closet full of clothes for our little beans…and my favorites from Mud Pie, for when they’re feeling “crabby”.


This little hamper was a shower gift and it fits perfectly in the room.


Now all we need are some babies!

34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

I typed the title for this weeks post and instantly burst into tears…in a good way.  34 weeks feels like a really big deal!

I have tried with everything I have in me to stay positive over the last 8 months.  But the truth is…this whole pregnancy thing is hard.  Physically, yes, but the mental game is tough.  Especially when you’ve already experienced a loss.  And when you’re faced with a high risk situation like multiples.  And when you’re (ahem)…older.  You try to have faith in your body and your babies and focus on the good.  Be kind to your self and just be grateful for every single day.  Unfortunately, knowing that worry gets you nowhere, doesn’t make you worry any less.  All you can do is push that worry down deep and tell yourself everything will be OK.

Making it this far is such a great feeling.  We’re certainly not out of the woods yet.  Even if we make it to full term (37-38 weeks) with good sized babies, there could be breathing, feeding or other health issues.  It’s just the nature of multiples. But at 34 weeks, they have an excellent shot at being healthy in the long run.  Even if they need some NICU time.

While I’d like them to keep cooking for a couple more weeks, I’m ready for these Beans to make their debut.  We will just take the challenges as they come.  Our little family is already proving to be a good Team!

001 002



per whattoexpect.com

This week your baby is clocking in at five pounds and could be as tall as 20 inches. Need a visual? Hold a five-pound bag of flour in your arms and imagine it’s your soon-to-be-born baby (cradle it and you’ll only get strange looks in the baking aisle). Then stack three such bags one on top of the other (and get ready for some more strange looks, maybe from the same clerks who saw you grinning and holding that one-pound box of sugar a few weeks ago). That’s how tall your baby is at 34 weeks pregnant

If your little doughboy is, well, a boy, then you’ll be pleased to know that this week his testicles are making their way down from his abdomen to his scrotum. (Some baby boys — three to four percent — are born with undescended testicles, but they usually make the trip down sometime before the first birthday.

In other baby-related developments, those tiny fingernails have probably reached the tips of his fingers by now — and getting ready for that first postpartum manicure.

Bump 34w1d

Considering that my belly rests in my lap when I’m standing up…I think I’ve dropped a bit. It’s so crazy to think this could be my last bump picture!  My co-worker had her twins at 34w5d…so it could happen.

I think we have a few more weeks in us.


22 weeks vs 34 weeks.  Same shirt.  Chubbier face.

005.jpg 001_thumb.jpg

Doctor’s Appointment 33w6d

Weight gain = +39 lbs (what???…In my defense, the appt was at the end of the day when I’m usually 4-5 lbs heavier).  BP 126/80  Belly measuring 44 weeks.

The first time we met with this doctor, I wasn’t a fan.  He just rubbed me the wrong way.  But this time, he proved me wrong.  He was great and now I like all of the doctors in our practice :).

My blood pressure was noticeably higher than weeks past but they didn’t seem to be concerned.  I was had a busy afternoon at work and that could have contributed to the increase.  They found babies heart beats right away and they were nice & strong.

We’re going to start my Heparin protocol at 35 weeks.  No sense in waiting.  Jerry questioned when they would induce and the Doctor indicated around 38 weeks.  He also noted that there is really no way to tell when I might go into labor.  As I thought, it’s all a crap shoot.

The doctor also mentioned that he would support me finishing up at work sooner than later.  I’m planning on wrapping things up at the office by the 10th and then working from home until the big birthday.

NST – 34w0d


BP 124/82

I forgot to eat something before my appointment so they had me drink 4oz of apple juice before they got a good reading.  Hooboy, these babies LOVE apple juice!  They were dancing up a storm.

Everything looks great and I questioned when they would start getting concerned about my BP.  The doctor mentioned if it gets into the 140s, we need to take action.  I’m going to start having it taken at my gym a few days a week just to keep an eye on things.

How I’m feeling

You know what’s the best feeling in the world?   The absence of pain.  When you’re so used to something really hurting, and then one day, it just doesn’t.  It’s amazing.  It’s my sciatica!  Gone…just like that.  I have no idea why.  But I’ll take it!

Oh but not to worry…there are other pain/complaints!  Wanna hear about it?  I thought you might.

I’m still retaining a ton of fluid in my hands and cankles…and they throb all the time.  Elevating them doesn’t really help much.  Even after 8 hours of sleep, I’m still swollen.  I guess it’s just going to be like that for a while.

If I sit for more than 1/2 hour, it feels like all of the bones in my feet are broken when I take a step. My late night walks to the bathroom are excruciating.   My knees feel like they were hit with a sledgehammer and my hips feel like someone pulled them out of the sockets.  And then just jammed them right back in.  My joints hate me right now.

I’ve been crampy for the last few days.  It feels like menstrual cramps under my belly and it radiates into my hip flexors.  It’s most likely round ligament pain.  Given my uterus is stretched to 44 weeks for a singleton, it makes sense.  I sort of glossed over that fact in my doctor’s appt update.  FORTY FOUR weeks.  That’s crazy!

Yinz guys…I’m exhausted.  First trimester fatigue has returned with a vengeance.  I hit a wall around 2:30 every day and just want to take a nap.  I try to stay up until 9/9:30 but I’m totally fine getting in bed at 8:00.  My evenings are spent laying on the couch and even that wipes me out.  I just feel tired all the time.  Welcome to the next 18 years of my life.


Am I the only person that cries at all the Taylor Swift songs?  Yes?  I thought so… I can’t wait to clear these pregnancy hormones out of my system so I can turn off the waterworks.  Too bad I heard it gets worse AFTER birth!  Fantastic.

I think I’m a little less grouchy this week. If I don’t feel too bad or I’m not too tired, I think I’m actually in a pretty chipper mood.

Random Thoughts/Observations/Stuff

*  I promised Jerry there wouldn’t be any “I’M IN LABOR!” April Fools jokes.  Instead I changed our morning alarm from our wedding song to “Mama Said Knock You Out”.  Nothing says WAKE UP! like a little LL Cool J!  It was a dumb, very tame prank but I thought it was hilarious.

*  The nursery will be finished by the end of this weekend.  Jerry’s been working on a side table for me (painting it, not building it) and he’s promised it will be all done by Saturday.  Then we just need to organize and we’ll be good to go!

*  My hospital bag is all packed!  I found these comfy sleep shirts at Target that will be perfect for breastfeeding and lounging during recovery.  I really don’t like the hospital gowns.  And I don’t know if I’ll need a C-section so I didn’t want to get pants that could possibly irritate my incision.  I looked at a ton of options for nursing pjs and they were all more than I wanted to spend.  So all I need to grab on D day are chargers and our electronics.

*  Jerry has decided he is officially ready for the Beans.  We just have one last Costco run so he can buy non-latex, disposable gloves (ya know…for diaper changes) and they can show up any time.  Let’s revisit this revelation when I start having contractions.


33 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


001   002

If you watch Chopped, you know what a Durian fruit is.  If you don’t, it supposedly smells like raw sewage…but is very sweet.  No idea why they’d pick this fruit as a point of reference.  Another website uses a honeydew.  Regardless…these babies are getting big!

per whattoexpect.com

This week your baby may be anywhere between 17 to 19 inches in length and could grow up to another full inch this week — especially if he or she has been on the shorter side. She weighs more than four and a half pounds and is still gaining weight (about half a pound a week — weight gain can range from a third more to a full doubling before the big debut). With that much baby inside your uterus, your amniotic-fluid level has maxed out at 33 weeks pregnant, making it likely you have more baby than fluid now. That’s one reason explaining why some of her pokes and kicks feel pretty sharp these days.

Baby Differentiates Day from Night
If your uterine walls had eyes, here’s what you’d see: your fetus acting more and more like a baby, with his eyes closing during sleep and opening while awake. And because those uterine walls are becoming thinner, more light penetrates the womb, helping your baby differentiate between day and night (now if only baby can remember that difference on the outside!).

Fetal Immune System Is Developing
Good news! Your baby has reached an important milestone about now: She’s got her own immune system. Antibodies are being passed from you to your little one as she continues to develop her fetal immune system, which will come in handy once she’s outside the womb and fending off all sorts of germs.

Bump – 33w2d

Hi there, fat face.


13 23 33

Ultrasound – 33w0d

Remember the comment by the doctor at my last ultrasound?  “We’ll see you at week 33.  If you make it that long”.  My babies (and my uterus) are rockstars…and we like a challenge.  Go Team!

The rockstar babies are huge.  It was really hard to distinguish the body parts as the popped up on the screen.  Our ultrasound tech was great about pointing everything out but they still looked like big blobs.

Lima Bean  4.7 lbs Heart rate 144 bpm

Butterbean  4.5 lbs Heart rate 146 bpm

Yep, that’s around 9 lbs of baby in my belly.  Yowza!  They are on the small side for a singleton but on the twin scale, they are just right.  Everything looked great.  The placentas are doing their jobs.  The fluid levels are perfect.  And our little boy has hair!  The party didn’t stop for the entire appointment.  These two were kickboxing the whole time.

They both remain head down and considering they’ve been like that for a while….I’m looking at a vaginal delivery. Yay!  I am the only person that is not excited about this. I guess I’d better start watching more childbirth videos on YouTube.

We met with a new MFM Doctor and she was great.  She spent a lot of time with us reviewing the images and answering questions.  She doesn’t see any reason I won’t make it to 38 weeks (god help me).  But she also didn’t really give a reason for that observation.  In my opinion…it’s all a crap shoot.  She also indicated that I will be changing my Lovenox protocol to Heparin at 36 weeks.  The reason being, should I request an epidural (yes please), the blood thinner needs to be out of my system.  Lovenox takes 24 hours.  Heparin takes 12.  So Heparin for the win!  I will also need to remain on a blood thinner for 6-8 weeks following the birth as there is a greater risk for blood clots postpartum as there is during pregnancy.  Good thing I’m used to these needles by now.

I scheduled my final ultrasound for 4/27.  I will be just shy of 38 weeks at that point.  I do NOT accept that challenge.

Non Stress Test – 33w0

This was, by far, the easiest test I’ve ever had to take.  For the Non-Stress Test, they hooked 3 monitors around me…one for each baby and one for the placenta.  And then I sat there for 20 minutes.  The Beans did their thing (they need to be awake and moving so they can watch their heart rate accelerations and decelerations)…and I read blogs on my ipad.  Easy peasy.  The doctor looked over the information and said all looked good.  I will have an NST every Wednesday from now until birth.

My blood pressure was 122/74.  A little higher than normal but still pretty good.

I was supposed to have a doctor’s appt this week, as well, but I cancelled it.  During my routine appts they check my weight, babies heart rates, my BP and my urine.  As the heartbeats and my BP were checked 2 days before my appt, it seemed a bit redundant.  So I start weekly appts next Tuesday.

How I’m feeling

Daily question from 50 different people at work.  “How are you feeling?”  My response?  A cheery “Good!”  I’m aware they’re just asking to be nice and don’t really want to hear a laundry list of complaints.

But the real answer? I feel pretty freaking lousy.

How do you spell miserable?  S-C-I-A-T-I-C-A.  It is horrible. It’s my biggest complaint at the moment.  I feel like I’m being jabbed in my right butt cheek with a cattle prod every time I take a step.

Everything is swollen.  Feet, hands, ankles…my face!  I have one pair of sneakers I can wear.  Sadly flip flops are out of the question as it’s 33 degrees in Pittsburgh right now.  All of my clothes are uncomfortable.  Except my favorite Soma pajamas, which Jerry might burn while I’m in the hospital.  We’re both sick of looking at them.

Carpal Tunnel is still annoying.  It’s not really painful anymore, but my two middle fingers on my right hand are numb all day long.

I’m exhausted.  All the time.  It doesn’t help that my sleep is all messed up.  I could take 4 or 5 naps a day.

Oh hey, I’m uber pregnant. I probably should feel like hell.  I keep reminding myself that it’s been pretty smooth sailing up to this point so I should just suck it up.

This is how I spent most of last weekend.


With lots of snuggles with the big guy.



The snortle is out of control.  I tried to take a nap on Saturday and I was propped upright on the couch.  I woke myself up at least 10 times with my random snores.  It’s so gross! Some nights sleep is good, others have me waking between 3-5 am.  Regardless, I’m tired all the time.


I am constantly telling these children to settle down.  They don’t listen.  They’re having way too much fun in there and it’s a 24/7 party.

I picture both of them with their feet and hands simultaneously pushing outward on my belly trying to escape.  There are no subtle movements anymore.  Just hard rolls and violent jabs.  It’s downright uncomfortable at times.

I still love it.


Little Jenny cranky pants.  That is me. Jerry said to me one evening “I can’t wait until you get your sense of humor back”.  Poor guy.  He’s right.  Seriously, I am zero fun at the moment.

Random Thoughts/Observations/Stuff

*  Sneak peek of the nursery


I just adore these prints.

*  My hospital bag is packed!  The Beans bag is packed.  We’re installing car seats this weekend.  And Jerry is going to finish the nursery.  It’s all getting very real.

‘cause…ya know


32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

We’ve hit another mini goal!  12 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks and now 32 weeks…so proud of the Beans and I!   2 more to go.  34 weeks is a big one and 37 is considered full term.  Holy geez…that’s like, any day now.

002 001
What’s up with your baby? She’s starting to get ready for her big debut, tipping the scales at almost four pounds and topping out at just about 19 inches. In these past few weeks, it’s all about practice, practice, practice as she hones the skills she’ll need to thrive outside the womb — from swallowing and breathing to kicking and sucking. In anticipation of that momentous transition to mouth feeding, your baby’s digestive system is all set and ready to go. And though you’re weeks away from D-day, your baby’s looking more and more like a newborn: As more and more fat accumulates under her skin, it’s becoming less transparent and more opaque.

At 32 weeks pregnant, you’re likely feeling tapping and squirming instead of your baby’s signature rocking and rolling. That’s because, while comfy, your baby is a bit tight for exercise space right now — she’s actually back to a curled-up position (you try standing up in those cramped quarters!). Your baby has also probably settled into the head-down, bottoms-up position in your pelvis in preparation for birth. That’s because the fetus’s head fits better at the bottom of your inverted, pear-shaped uterus, plus it’s easier during childbirth if your baby comes out head first. Fewer than five percent of babies prefer the bottom-down (or breech) position by full-term — so don’t worry if your baby hasn’t assumed the head-down position yet. There’s still a good chance he or she will flip head-side-down before birth, even in the tight confines of your uterus.

And speaking of that big day, hope you’re resting up for it — because your bambino certainly is. In preparation for that big first date with you, your baby is sleeping like a baby — with sleep cycles of 20 to 40 minutes long (which would also account for the decrease in movement you’re likely feeling these days).

Bump – 32w2d

On the inside

On the outside


Yikes!  That’s the same shirt in the 22 and 32 week pictures.

12 22 32

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


I’ll admit I’m quite fond of my belly, but good grief…it’s always in the way!  Bending down is a joke. I’m always bumping it into doorways or the table or people (awkward).  My belly button still hasn’t popped.  No stretch marks and no brown line.

Doctors Appt – 32w1d

Total Weight Gain = 34 lbs.  BP  110/74.  Protein – negative.  Butterbean HR 146+.  Lima bean HR 129/152+.  Belly measuring – 39 WEEKS

No wonder I’m feeling so large.  39 weeks?  That’s a lot of baby!

Everything looks really good.  The doctor called me a rockstar because of my stellar blood pressure.  We discussed changing my Loveonx Protocol to Heparin around 35-36 weeks.  I’m not 100% on all of the details but I believe this is due to the time it takes for the blood thinner to get out of my system.  Lovenox is 24 hours and Heparin is 12.  I’m going to discuss it all with MFM next week.

I was also reminded of the importance of taking it easy for the next 2 weeks.  Lots and lots of downtime will give these babies the best shot of baking until at least 34 weeks.

Next week, I start my weekly OB appointments, in addition to weekly Non-Stress Tests.  I also have an ultrasound next week so we have 3 appointments.

How I’m feeling

We’ve officially hit the “fun”, final stage of pregnancy, boys and girls!  I’m definitely not at the point where I’m “over it” (and it’s a good thing because we have 5 weeks to go)…but I’m ready to do some complaining.

Swelling is in the house! Just call me Banana Hands.  Good grief, my fingers are blown up like sausages.  Annnnnnd, I have cankles.  And Fred Flintstone feet. The swelling seems to come and go depending on my water intake and activity.  Movement doesn’t seem to bother me much but standing for more than 5-10 minutes does.

My hips don’t lie…Relaxin has officially kicked in.  This fab hormone is responsible for loosening my muscles, joints and ligaments in preparation for birth.  It is also a contributor to heartburn, which I’ve also had a lot more of.  Aching hips.  Burning esophagus. Three cheers for hormones!

The carpal tunnel in my right hand still sucks.  Dr. Jerry has been wrapping my wrist in an ace bandage at night and I’m happy to say, we’ve had pain free nights!  I know I could buy a brace but I’m cheap and lazy.  This works just fine.  Unfortunately, that’s not the only nerve effected by my extra fluid retention.  Sciatica pain is back.  Ouch!  It takes a while to shake off if I sit for too long.  And it makes me limp a bit, which kind of looks like a waddle.  Dammit.

I’m waiting for the whole “nesting” thing to kick in.  Right now, I just want to lay around and do NOTHING!  Overall, I feel beat up and tired.  Especially the hour right after work.  I can catch a little second wind if I take it easy for a bit and have been trying to spend 1/2 hour or so organizing baby stuff.  But other than that…no nesting.


Same old, same old.  I’m just hungry all the time.  And I want a plain old turkey sandwich…that hasn’t been heated in the microwave.


I’m generally awake every night from 3:30 – 5:00.  Sometimes I can snooze a bit before the alarm goes off at 5:30 but usually, no dice.  I broke down and took 1/2 a Unisom one night and slept from 8:30 – 5:30.  It was fabulous.


These babies are NOT running out of room.  And I read that at this point, they’re sleeping 90-95% of the day.  Not my kiddos!  There is a constant party going on in there.  The movements are very exaggerated too.  Lots of rolls and stretches.  It’s kind of my favorite thing right now.


Hooboy, I was a pill on Thursday!  I just felt lousy and didn’t want to talk to anyone.  Of course, it was the day when everyone was asking “how ya feeling?”.   No one wants to listen to me bitch and complain so I just say “I feel very pregnant”  One of my co-workers responded to that comment by laughing, which made me want to simultaneously punch them in the face and burst into tears.  They weren’t laughing at me, but with me (it was a woman and she gets it)…I guess just need kid gloves these days.

For the most part, I’m all over the place.  Seriously, I have 27 different emotions going at all times.  Cranky, sappy, blissful, terrified, ecstatic, weepy, irritable…all could happen at any given moment.  Jerry is really enjoying living in crazytown.

Nursery & Baby Stuff

Jerry and his Dad did an amazing job putting together the nursery over the weekend and it is adorable!  OMG, I can’t get over how perfect it is.  We have a few final touches to add and then I’ll post some photos.

It still kinda looks like a bomb went off in there at the moment.  But that’s only because I need to find an organizational plan for all of the baby stuff we were gifted at the shower.  Seriously, we have pretty much everything we need for these Beans.  Everyone was so unbelievably generous.  I’m still in awe.

Random Thoughts/Observations/Stuff

* It’s the first day of Spring!  And how does Pittsburgh celebrate?  With snow.

* I am really lucky to work for a company that permits working from home and I hope to start taking advantage of it a few days a week starting in April.  I still have to discuss it with my boss but he’s pretty great and don’t think it will be a problem. I’ve already had several of my coworkers suggest it, probably because they don’t want me to go into labor at the office!

* Speaking of my coworkers…they surprised me on Monday with a little mini baby shower!  It’s hard to surprise me but they managed to pull it off.  We were gifted with not one, but TWO Mamaroos and a gift card to buy diapers!!  I work with an awesome group of people.  These Beans and I are so blessed.

* I started packing my hospital bag but it really only has toiletries in it at the moment.  All of the other stuff I will be packing, I still need!  I guess I’ll just pack stuff and then live out of the bag until go time.

*And go time seems like it could happen at any minute.  I’ve been pretty confident that I would make it to 37 weeks this entire pregnancy but now I’m not so sure.  Just a feeling, not based on anything physical.  Should these Beans make their appearance sooner than 4/22, I’ll be putting it on my Instagram and updating the blog when I can.

*I’ll leave you with this


Showered with Love…and Pizza

Over the weekend, the Beans and I were showered with love by our family and friends.  The shower was held at one of my favorite pizza places in the ‘burgh, Aviva.

I was way too busy mingling with everyone to snap pictures of the food, but it was amazing!  Their pizza is the best.

photo via Urbanspoon.com

Here are some photos from the day.



Look at all of these gifts!  We were definitely spoiled.  Everyone was so generous and we pretty much have everything we need at this point!


Unfortunately, these are the only pictures we have with the Moms (soon to be Grandmas).



Jerry’s grandma made these beautiful blankets for the babies, plus hats to match.

003 004

And Jerry’s mom knitted this sweater 20 years ago!


Anna made these sweet hats and blankets for the babies.


And there were even some gifts for ME!  Jerry’s Mom made these bracelets for me with little boy/girl charms and my Mom gave me this Pandora necklace with a little boy and girl holding hands.  (sniff) 

008 009

It was a lovely day!  Jerry and I are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives.

photo (1)

These Beans have no idea how much they are already loved!   They’ll get to find out in a few weeks.  Eeeeek!